Fiscal policy

VAT exemption

A 21% VAT is applicable on all our programs. Bureau Zuidema recognizes that some customers and participants have limited or no possibilities to claim back VAT. We are registered in the CRKBO registry, through which we can also offer our service VAT-free. However to do this, we apply a VAT-free correction of 10%.

For our open programs there is the possibility to choose two options on the registration form: an invoice ‘with VAT’ or an invoice ‘exempt form VAT’. Please note that an invoice ‘exempt from VAT’ only applies if your employer offers this possibility.

When you opt for an Invoice with VAT you pay 21% VAT, which you (or your employer) can claim back from the IRS. A training of €3.000 (excluding VAT) will be invoiced with a total of €3.630,00 (included VAT). Invoices with VAT will be invoiced on behalf of Bureau Zuidema Learning Solutions BV.

When you opt for an Invoice exempt from VAT, because you are limited or cannot claim back VAT, you pay a total of €3.300,00 instead of €3.630,00. This is because of the 10% VAT-free correction.

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