Zuidema Safety Bubble

From Wednesday March 3 we train again in our Safety Bubble of our own training location the House of Influence

How nice would it be to be among people again? To be challenged in a real group of people instead of in Zoom, Teams or other digital environments? To be away from your home and away from your screen. 

Take a training course in our Zuidema Safety Bubble: Onsite courses with measures that go one step further than the ones in the RIVM protocols. The bubble is based on the ‘safe in – safe out’ principle used in professional sports, offshore and aerospace, which ensures that groups can safely interact.

What does de Zuidema Safety Bubble entails?

Starting November 30th, you can enjoy training courses in our House of Influence under conditions that go one step further than RIVM protocols. On this location we have added a testing corridor on top of the necessary safety and hygiene measures. This way our classroom trainings can take place in a responsible manner.

Safe in, safe out

For whom?

Our Safety Bubble is meant for professionals who really want to get out for a while. Away from home, away from your screen and away from virtual meetings. Back to being in real contact with people.

By implementing extra measures, that even go way further than standard RIVM protocol, you can offer your employer extra guarantees: this is the safest training on location you can take.

Get out for a while and learn a lot. Feel the energy and interaction in a group of people again. A motivating week and a great learning experience you do not want to miss.

A safer way of training is almost impossible

Taking a training course in the Zuidema Safety Bubble might even be safer than staying at home. Think of visits to the supermarket, gym, school and of contact with friends and family, etc.

  • Get out for a while in a responsible manner ánd learn a lot
  • Feel the energy and interaction of a group of people
  • Let us take care of you in a beautiful hotel in the middle of nature

Treat yourself to this, because:

  • You really want a change from virtual meetings
  • You long for real contact with real people
  • You just want to be away from home for a while
  • Your plants are starting to talk back to you
  • You forgot what working together in real life felt like

Treat your workers to this, because:

  • They can be amongst people again and step outside their home bubble
  • They will be able to get back to work with renewed energy and motivation
  • They will be grateful to you for months (maybe even years)


We organise the Zuidema Safety Bubble in our own training location: the House of Influence (HOI). In collaboration with Hotel De Bilderberg we make sure that you can responsibly learn in the safety of your own group. The HOI is located in a great place in the Oosterbeek forest, shielded from the outside world as much as possible.

Before entering the Zuidema Safety Bubble, you and your fellow participants are tested preventively onsite. During the training you and your group have as little contact as possible with the outside world. Your training courses keep to the 1,5-metre guideline.

From Wednesday March 3 we are allowed to train again in our House of Influence. The sector’s organization has given permission to train when a training company has its own training location and ofcourse as long as the rules for the corona virus set by the RIVM are followd stricktly. You are more than welcome to start you training in our Zuidema Safety Bubble! 

Feel free to contact our Customer Service. They would be delighted to answer your questions.

No, it isn’t. We cannot give you a 100% guarantee. It also depends in large part on the responsibility and discipline of individual participants. That said, it is almost impossible to join a safer training course. Taking a course in our Safety Bubble is possibly safer than staying at home. Think of visits to the supermarket, gym, school, and of the contact you will not have with friends and family during your stay here.

Our other locations are organized entirely according to Corona guidelines. Here you can take courses responsibly as the 1,5-metre guideline is guaranteed. Are you healthy and do the measures of our Safety Bubble seem too extreme?  In that case you are more than welcome on our other locations. Check our Corona Measures for more information.

The morning of your first training you will go to the Zuidema rapid testing street, located just outside our Safety Bubble in Oosterbeek.  Your test will be administered by professional doctors. They run the testing street autonomously and are therefore totally independent. Once they have administered your test, you wait for the result in your car or in our specially dedicated waiting room. After about 20 minutes you will receive the result from the doctor. This is always 1-on-1. Is the result negative? Then you are welcome to enter the Safety Bubble.

This means you cannot participate in the training. You will have to go home and we will change your enrolment to another date free of charge. The doctor has the obligation to report the result to the GGD (Public Health Services). Take good care of yourself. Inform your loved ones. Once you are better, we would be happy to receive you.

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