A place that gets the most out of you

Let yourself be challenged to a maximum in our House of Influence, the most effective training location in the Netherlands.


House of Influence

Whether you can actually book results at your training strongly depends on the quality of trainers and the programme, but also on the location. Our experience learns that the right training location means the difference between good, better and the absolute best! This is why, together with Hotel De Bilderberg, we opened the House of Influence: a unique training centre in the woods of Oosterbeek. All our facilities here are perfectly measured to our training programmes and with that, you’ll be guaranteed an amazing training experience!

Best training facility of the Netherlands

In collaboration with Bilderberg hotels

Exclusively for participants of Bureau Zuidema’s programmes

Advanced technology, special practice areas and clever online and offline tools


Training at the House of Influence is just that bit different

Sometimes, training at a unique location is just a bit different. You’re in another environment, working in a different atmosphere and especially: feeling a different energy. Training can be done everywhere, but it’s never as effective as in the House of Influence. The presence of influence is apparent, it’s tangible. Influence is in the senses.


Go for the ultimate training experience

After 55 years of experience in training we know exactly how to really develop your behaviour. At the House of Influence, the focus is on you. Experience how perfectly tuned trainers, the programme and the location of the training can enhance your learning process in every way.

Complete focus

To be able to learn successfully, focusing is important. When you focus on yourself and your learning goals, we take care of the rest.

The greatest challenge

Our programme is greatly supported by advanced technology, special training spaces and clever online and offline tools. All to challenge and stimulate you.

Grootste resultaat

With the best programmes and trainers at the best training locations of the Netherlands, you can push your boundaries and achieve even more.


House of Influence

The entrance of the House of Influence can be found at the left side of Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek. Here you can park in one of our private parking spots.


Hotel De Bilderberg

Utrechtseweg 261, 
6862 AK Oosterbeek

Private parking

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