Corona measures at Zuidema

You are welcome in a training on location

It is possible again to follow an live course, on location! Safe and responsible. Our training locations are set up according RIVM guidelines. As a group you have fixed, private training rooms with a spacious set-up. This way you can keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. You will have exclusive lunch and dinner moments, seperated from other guests. It goes without saying that extra attention is given to hygiene.
We recommend to stay overnight. In this way we limit travel movements to and from the training location, and it benefits the learning effect of your training.
About to register and have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.
We look forward to welcoming you again in one of our training courses!

How we facilitate a safe training

Attend your training online

Do you prefer to attend an online training? That’s possible! We have 10 Zuidema Studio’s. Our online trainings are reviewed with an average of a 8.5. Curious about our online trainings in English?  Our Customer Service would be delighted to inform you about the options. 

Discover our flexible conditions

If you enrolled or are about to enrol and still have some questions: please contact us. We are flexible in adapting to changing circumstances. From safe locations to online training, we have vast experience in making your learning process unforgettable regardless the circumstances.

What guarantees do we offer you?

    • Do you currently have Corona, have similar symptoms or are you at risk of a possible infection? We wish you a quick recovery and we will of course be happy to change you to another course without any extra charge. 
    • You can switch at all times. From training on location to virtual training. Notify us in ahead of time, so we can arrange this for you. Discover what you can expect from online learning at Zuidema.
    • Depending on the circumstances you can change dates free of charge. We are flexible. If you stick to our guideline of 4 weeks, we don’t have to incur costs we then have to pass on. These costs could be regarding hotel stays, meals, etc.

Your successful learning experience is key.  We will do our utmost to ensure this. 


We are doing everything to conduct our trainings in a safe manner and comply a strict protocol following the guidelines of the RIVM. All meeting rooms have been refurbished to comply with the RIVM 1,5 meters distance rule. During the training fixed meeting rooms are assigned to each group. Extra cleaning is also organised, especially focusing on points of contact like doorknobs, tables, etc.

When more groups are using the training facility at the same time, we ensure they cross paths as little as possible. Fixed walking routes have been established and breaks have been scheduled.  Necessary guidelines regarding catering and hotel stays have also been implemented.

A rapid COVID test is no longer needed before our training programmes. Ofcourse we facilitate a safe environment on our training locations, where we take into account the RIVM measures.

We keep a close eye on the messages of the government concerning COVID. If necessary, we may decide to take extra measures, such as mandatory overnight stay and a rapid test. If new measures have any effect on your training, we will contact you immediately.

In the extreme case that live trainings are not allowed by government policies,  we will contact you. You can chose to switch to online or you can change your training to another date within this year. 

We offer online trainings. At all times you can switch from a training on location to an online training. Please advise us in advance, so we can arrange this for you.

Our training groups never exceed the maximum of a total of 30 people inside. You will be in a group of a maximum of nine, fourteen or eighteen people depending on the size of the meeting room. We make sure not too many people are present in a training group. Trainings go ahead with a minimum of six participants.

Together we build a safe training environment, That’s why we ask you to assume responsibility. We would like to agree on several things with you as a participant. 

During training, our groups have fixed meeting rooms and break-out rooms at their disposal. Inside the premises face masks aren’t obligatory. When you move between rooms or to another location, or if you are in public spaces, you are supposed to wear face masks. This means on your way to your room, or when you visit the coffee corner, go to lunch, etc.

Clear instructions are available on our training locations. Furthermore we ask you to take group members’ wishes into account. Together we will have a safe training.

The moment you become ill during the training, you are asked to leave and contact the GGD to have yourself tested. We will contact you on how to complete the training course.

You can find all the information about our measures on our website and in this FAQ. If you can’t find an answer to a question you might have, contact us.

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