Certificates and accreditations

Bureau Zuidema wants to make as many people, teams and organisations as possible THAT much more influential. We can only do this by delivering the best possible quality. We reach this level of quality with care. Caring about what teams and organisations REALLY need. And taking care in fostering the best ways possible to develop influence behaviour. This care has been in our DNA since 1962, ensuring that we’ve, amongst other things, received a variety of accreditations and certificates:


ISO certification

Since 1999, Bureau Zuidema has been officially ISO 9001 certified – THE international norm for quality management. This year, EIK certificering has yet again successfully certified us. Bureau Zuidema stands for professionality, quality and care! We make promises and honour them. Making as many people as possible truly more influential, that’s what it’s all about!


NRTO Quality Label

Bureau Zuidema owns the NRTO Quality Label; the acknowledgement label for quality and professionality within the private educational branch. This quality label shows that we meet the highest quality demands when it comes to transparency about products and services, adequate service, a professional manner in dealing with clients and the expertise of the staff. The NRTO Quality Label is being issued by the Dutch Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding (NRTO), the industry association for private educators.


In 2016, we reached an average of a 98% customer satisfaction!

“They are THE agency in the field of personal influence.”, “They deliver a specific training programme which is, at the same time, prominent, famed and notorious.”, “They deliver exactly what we wanted and think along with the customer really well.”
The outcome of the Cedeo customer satisfaction survey of 2016 makes us extremely proud! We work very hard to make sure every client and participant has the best possible experience. A score of 98% customer satisfaction is, in any way, an amazing reward for all the stops we pull out.


Curious about the experiences of our customers?

Read the reviews per category, including a few quotes of our customers:

  • 100% satisfied about the entire concurrence

“They have a really well-developed concept and model they control to the dots.” “They completely meet the demand of the customer.” “They’re able to offer a training with a good programme in which the trainer is redeemable. That means flexibility and continuity.” “They come with a very personal approach. They really go into an assignment or task with empathy.”

  • 100% satisfied about the pre-programme and our educational programme

“We’ve been using their services for years. Their training is completely rock solid and the contact is easy-going.” “They listen very well to the needs of their customer and next to that, they use their expertise in determining the right programme.” “They discussed the wishes of everyone involved with everyone involved and the result was absolute custom work.”

  • 100% satisfied about the execution and our professionals

“Everyone can get something out of the training in their own way.” “This is a very popular training among our employees. It’s in great demand and is very well regarded.” “The students are extremely positive. The course is mainly practise-based. A lot of practise around behaviour in a great, credible way.” “In our evaluations, their trainers generally score an 8/10 or higher.” “They invest in their trainers by educating them on a yearly basis. This keeps the level of quality high.”

  • 100% satisfied about the materials and the post-programme

“Prior to the programme, you do a test on how well you know yourself and during the programme there’s the presentation and additional documentation.” “Everyone gets their own folder and they also have a HUB now, in which you can get more info in a digital learning environment.” “Via the HUB there’s a baseline test and after the programme, you can find an online evaluation for all students there.” “Immediately after the programme there’s an evaluation and then after 6 weeks there’s another one.”

  • 90% satisfied about the price/quality ratio

“The price is a bit on the higher side, but then they do deliver good quality.” “I think the price is quite competitive, but it’s hard to judge because there isn’t really another party offering the same sort of programme.” “I think the ratio is fine because our client is satisfied.” “The price is quite high. This also has to do with the fact that it’s more of a training in skills and there’s not a lot of discount.”

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