New: Convince and inspire your audience

Geschreven op October 28, 2012 – Categorie: Influence

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New: Convince and inspire your audience

Looking for a way to increase your impact in presentations? A way to inspire your audience? In this training you will learn to present by using your unique talents. Use the power of your personal style to inspire others.

This programme helps you to present yourself in an inspiring and convincing way. You will explore how to adjust your presentation or message to your audience and how to use your personal power to convince others. Getting to know yourself is essential in this process. However, you also need a sharp focus on how to deal with needs and demands of your public.

Which talents do you have and how can you use them to advance your impact? We offer you practical tools to empower your presentation. You will learn to pick up the signals of your audience and use those in such a way that your impact is optimized.

For you?

Especially designed for expats working in The Netherlands or for Dutch people who prefer an English learning environment. You are looking for ways to present yourself positively and inspire others. Professional presentations might bring tensions along, which you want to conquer. Your main target is to increase your impact on others, in any situation.

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